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you could probably spend a year just visiting museums here

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If you ever plan on visiting Vienna, keep this in mind: you need a whole day for each museum you decide to visit. A whole day. I'm not kidding. Yesterday we spent all day in the Technisches Museum (I think that means Technology Museum). It had a lot of hands-on exhibits where you pressed buttons and moved weights and such. There was a soundproof chamber where you could go and scream and it told you how many decibels your scream was (I enjoyed this - 106 db). What really impressed me was that with every exhibit, they explained a little bit about it in socio-economic terms as well as scientific ones, and didn't leave anything out. If a technology had been used as a racist tool by the Nazis, that was included. Gender roles in the history and advertising of the technology on display was included. There was even a history of coffee in the museum coffee shop, and it talked about class segregation and how women were excluded from the first coffee shops. There was a "Macht Musik" exhibit with concert rooms, a production room and rooms for you to dance and play rock instruments and African drums. One room was covered in pink plush and featured listening stations with items in glass cases that had been used by the pop stars whose music was playing, items like old bras and junk food wrappers. The information on the wall asked you to question this - why were these people famous? Why should we care if that hamburger wrapper belonged to 50 Cent? What's the big deal?

Today I had grand illusions - I thought we could visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum (the Museum of Art History) AND go over to see Hundertwasserhaus. Hah! We got into the picture gallery with originals by Raphael and Peter Bruegel the Elder, and there was no way it was going to be a short stop. So that was basically all we did today. The Art History Museum also had a huge Ancient Egyptian section, a huge Ancient Roman section, a huge Ancient Greek section... Needless to say we didn't make it out of there before 4pm. Hundertwasser will have to be tomorrow, before the Blue Man Group show.

The only problem with spending all day in a museum is that you end up eating lunch in the museum cafe, and it isn't the cheapest. We're staying in a hostel with super kitchen facilities, though, so we've been able to save some money on breakfast and dinner.

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