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December 2010

The End

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

On our last day at Sandra's place, we took the bus to the town of Laboe to see the naval war memorial and the WWII submarine. You could walk around inside the sub, and the naval memorial had a very, very high tower to go to the top of for the view.


We said our goodbyes to Sandra that night, and the next morning headed off to Hamburg to have a quick look around and a walking tour of the main sites before taking another train to Köln. Hamburg is a major harbour - inland! The Elbe river passes through Hamburg and some of the buildings are built with their basements underwater. Our guide told us stories about rich businessmen and pirates, which I am too tired to recount right now. The main purpose of this blog post is to say that we're home, and show off some more photos. Let's get on with it.


In Köln, the Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral) is really staggeringly large and detailed. All the gargoyles are different. Every carved figure on the outside of the church is a different saint or whoever it is. When you arrive in Köln by train from Hamburg, you see this enormous gothic church all covered in flying buttresses from the train, and your mouth drops open. What is that? It's huge! It's pretty neat to see the inside, too. Those ceilings are so high (40m? Really?).



Jason's friend Nick met us the next morning, and we walked all over Köln, visiting Christmas markets, seeing the sites and chatting. It snowed all day, but we managed to stay warm by going in and out of shops and cafes, drinking hot chocolate, eating hot fried food - you get the idea. We spent all day - from about 10am until 7pm - walking around, and we were pretty tired that night. And the next morning we started our long journey home. It wasn't exactly fun and there were several delayed flights, but in Vancouver we stayed with Sarah and Steve for the night and things were better after that. So, here we are, safe and sound in Victoria and about to sleep off the jet-lag. See you soon!

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