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September 2010

The current situation

sunny 31 °C

We arrived in Fethiye this afternoon after a really long overnight bus ride. Apparently it's just as cheap to fly. So I figure we;ll do that on the way back. It's atleast 31 degrees today. Not really used to that temp.

Right now we're sitting by the pool at our hostel having some drinks! it's pretty nice.

Tomorrow with updates on the last few days while it's too hot to do anything!


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where to find 'em

I'll be uploading photos to my Flickr stream, and putting them into a set which you can find at the following URL:


There are about 20 there so far, and we've only been here three nights. Oh dear... I will have to be more ruthless with my editing.


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Let's just go back in time a few days

sunny 17 °C

On our way to Istanbul, we stayed with our friend Sarah in Vancouver, in the basement suit apartment she shares with her boyfriend Steve. Before we left, she took some photos of us with her new digital SLR.


So there we were before starting out - before the long flights and the bad coffee and the crazy taxi driver. We really should have taken a picture of ourselves when we got in to our hostel at 1:30am on the 16th, with mussed hair, sweaty shirts and red eyes. However, neither of us had the presence of mind at that point, so you'll just have to imagine it for yourselves.

Here's a picture of the muesli and coffee we had at Heathrow during our layover. The container of muesli said "Eat Pot" on it. I can only assume that this is something British and refers to the small plastic container as a "pot" to eat from, because I didn't get high.


And finally, as real proof that yes, we are in Istanbul, here's one of the many shots of the inside of the harem at Topkapi Palace I took yesterday.


Istanbul is extremely busy. Everywhere we go there are crowds. Like, big crowds. Last night we watched the trams going by, absolutely packed with people. It's a bit overwhelming sometimes and we are discussing heading South sooner than planned - perhaps we can come back to Istanbul again on our way to Bulgaria and perhaps then it will be less busy. It seems that right now is peak tourist/festival/everything time. Yesterday there was a group of some Greek Orthodox religious folk who wanted to have a religious ceremony in the Hagi Sofia, which is presently against the law (it's a museum and worship is not permitted there, apparently). The whole place was surrounded by bus-loads of police - we saw them strapping on their riot gear. So after Topkapi Palace, we headed off to Suleymanyi Hamam for a Turkish Bath, which I think is a subject for the next blog entry. Coming soon!


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Turkey (Istanbul)

Day 1

sunny 29 °C

Well, here we are...

After a very long series of flights, we arrived at Attaturk International airport at around 11:30pm on the 15th. The first flight from Vancouver to London, neither Arwyn or myself managed to sleep. In Heathrow airport, Arwyn decided to stretch her back by lying on the tiles and a very concerned lady came over and suggested that Arwyn check her blood-sugar levels, as apparently nobody lies on the floor unless they are sleeping or in serious distress! The next flight from London to Istanbul was much more comfortable and shorter but still no sleep either.
At Attaturk, while we waited in line for our visas, we briefly chatted with a guy about our age from the US. Minnesota I think. He knew a little Turkish and mentioned that he had been to Istanbul before. After getting our baggage, we saw him again and shared a crazy cab ride to the bus terminal where he was headed. The cab driver took us to the hostel shortly after. I was feeling pretty tired after the air travel but the cab ride really woke me up! The motorways are pretty wide and fast, but the streets are really narrow and also fast. Beep beep beep beep beep! if you don't get out of the way and fast, you'll get your ass run down and probably nobody would care. There really is no expectation that any drivers are going to stop for you! Keeps you on your toes... The cab driver was having a lot of fun taking us around, blasting Turkish music and pumping the brakes to the beat! it was pretty awesome.

Our hostel is very close to all the tourist attractions like the Blue Mosque, and Aya Sofia and we were woken by the calling to prayer as it is blasted over loud speakers at around 5:30 in the morning. We had some breakfast, wandered around for a bit along the water and called it a day. Maybe by tomorrow the jetlag will be mostly over.
Other things: It's pretty warm here. I'd guess close to 30 during the day and the air is sticky and thick. it seems mostly everybody smokes and there are lots of cats.

More later...


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Getting off the rock...

0 °C



We're on the BC Ferry, headed for Tsawassen. The gulf islands are swathed in fog and rain - seems like a perfect time to head for warmer climes. We'll visit some friends and relatives in Vancouver over the next two days, and on Tuesday night fly out of the Vancouver airport, bound for Istanbul. Unfortunately we have a five-hour layover at Heathrow in London, which means we end up at our destination at some ridiculous time of day (so late at night that it's early morning). Jason snapped a photo or two on the ferry - perhaps we can contrast these with photos of sun and blue water when we get to Turkey.

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