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Vienna pt 2, Munich

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So to continue where Arwyn left off... We went to see the Blue Man Group at the Museums Quarter in Vienna. Apparently there are so many museums, they needed to build an entire city section for them. Anyways, the Blue Man Group was pretty fun. It was a combination of comedy, lighting and special effects with lots of percussion based instruments that they guys have made. Some are pretty crazy, long sections of PVC pipe or a large marimba thing made out of more convoluted pipes. Think of the 3d-pipes screensaver and you get the idea. They also had this other skit where they have bright lights and either water or paint that they pour into a drum kit. When they smash the drums, the paint flies up and looks pretty awesome. Over all, it was a pretty good show, but unfortunately some of it was lost on us because it was in German, and we didn't get any of the jokes.

The next part of the trip was to get to our final destination country... Germany. The rough plan was to get to Munich, where Underworld (One of my all time favorite bands) was playing a show. Then hang out in Munich and check out the scene.

On the way out of Austria we passed through "Linz" which seemed to be a smaller nice little city along the way. The main attraction was the "Ars Electronica" exhibit. It's kind of like science world in Vancouver but perhaps more geared towards art with a strong focus on technology and interaction. There was a lot of information to be read and looked at regarding the evolution of the internet, social media, access to media almost instantly the effects on society etc... They also had an interesting interactive exhibit where you essentially walked into a large plastic jellyfish looking thing that was hanging from the ceiling. When you got close to some of it's bits, they would react to you and the dangling bits would move around as you moved through it. pretty cool. There was also another one that was made to look like flowers with lights in them. When you got close to the flowers, they would open up and the lights would change colors. It was all pretty entertaining.

So we left Linz that same day with just a small glimpse of what it looks like, but from what I saw, I liked it.

We then arrived in Munich, found our hostel and headed out for some sights and a "pay as you wish walking tour". Munich is where Oktoberfest is held and you can tell right away. You're never more than 10 meters from sausages and beer... literally. You can get any kind of Schweinsbraten, W├╝rstl, Sauerkraut etc... at any street corner or subway station. There are open market style beer gardens where you just order a 0.5L or 1L beer and sit down at a bench with your bratwurst and enjoy the atmosphere. Funny enough, with all the readily available beer, you never really see anybody being drunk and obnoxious.

The walking tours are good for finding out the history and the interesting things to see in a city where you just didn't plan it out enough or you didn't get a lonely planet guide for(ahem)... So the first thing we saw on the tour was the Glockenspiel which is basically a mechanical clock that plays some bells and re-enacts two stories. The first is a wedding and the second is a joust match between Bavaria and Austria. Sadly Austria looses the match every day, many times a day for about 102 years and counting. I guess the Austrians just take it in stride. We went to the Haufbrauhaus which is Bavaria's national beer maker. The haus was home to the Natzi party back in the day when all that business was going on and our tour guide pointed this fact out many times while we had some beer and watched an oom-pa-pa band all dressed up in their lederhosen and traditional outfits.

Last night we went to the underworld show at the Muffathalle which is a night club that was converted from the first hydro electric power station in the area. Underworld played an awesome show. Lots of energy, Arwyn and I danced it up, really got into it and had a great time.

So that pretty much brings us up to date. We got a 6 hour train in the morning to Berlin. It's getting late, and there isn't much to tell just yet. More as it comes...


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